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Together with Jeff Lynne characterizing pop Music, classical arrangements and the songs of Beatles this August on his Allstate Arena series this popular concert venue is going to be a sanctuary on August 15. A assured successful concert this season, Jeff Lynne has been on the limelight for its educated performances he has done over the years.

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An American-Mexican singer and Songwriter, Pepe Aguilar will no doubt satisfy you with his distinct pastel of audio. Performing with jaw-dropping music all the time, the operation of Pepe Aguilar has impressed audiences with his top-quality solos.

Always surprising his viewers with The vibe and energy that he ignites from his crowd, Pepe Aguilar has assembled a massive number of followers during his songs passion. Go through the audio breakthrough which Pepe Aguilar has performed in the music industry by booking your ticket because of his August 19 series in Allstate Arena.

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